August 18, 2017 by metalab

Sunburst is a new public art installation in Scottsdale at Skysong Innovation Center. RE:site is the Artist team led by Norman Lee and Shane Allbritton and Metalab is providing architecture and project management services.  This sculptural form features three stainless steel framework rings that are embedded with color-changing dichroic glass panels. The three rings are connected in a relative three-axis relationship, inspired by the form of a spherical astrolabe. Raised up by cables to float above a pedestrian corner, the resulting form is a dramatic, radiant gesture that celebrates the convergence of data, technology, and the global economy. The title of the artwork, Sunburst, has multiple layers of meaning. The Sun is central to ASU symbolism and the natural environment of Arizona. As the bright Arizona sun travels overhead, the sculpture’s dichroic glass panels change color, transparency, and reflectivity.