Cougar Pride video

May 09, 2015 by metalab

Jim Isermann was just in Houston for the opening reception of Cougar Pride, a outdoor public artwork at the new UH Stadium. We unleashed the drone and got overhead where the legibility of the mega text can be read. Nice views of downtown from up there!


Cougar Pride

February 26, 2015 by metalab

We are very excited to share these photograph's of Jim Isermann's Cougar Walk with you! The weather cleared up two weeks ago and photographer Pete Molick brought out his drone to capture some wonderful images of Jim's piece.

This outdoor public art work is installed at the University of Houston's new football stadium. Consisting of a series of eight foot square pre-cast panels, each of the nineteen panels features patterns of interlocking U's and H's. These were erected as walls and groundwork at the southwest corner of the stadium, and greet visitors as they  exit from the new rail line extension that runs through the campus. The design utilizes recycled glass and black onyx, giving the letters a sparkling appearance in the light.

Metalab oversaw design optimization, fabrication documentation, and project management of the work, with panels manufactured by Gate Precast. The site also features Metalab's signature solar powered lighting product, Ringo.

Cougar Pride

February 11, 2015 by metalab

UHS complete

October 27, 2014 by metalab

The UH Stadium project with Jim Iserman is complete.  Stay tuned for images from the drone.

UH Stadium art panel installation

July 07, 2014 by metalab

With two rain delays we were happy to see art panels for Jim Isermann's "Cougar Walk" to go in smoothly in one day by Gate Precast.  The 19 panels (4 on the wall and 15 on the ground) are 8'x8' and each weighs about 1500lbs.  The effects of the red glass and black onyx were nice to see relative to the colors of the metal panels on the stadium itself.  All will be done by game day later this summer!

Gate Precast Prototype

March 29, 2014 by metalab

We made the trip up to Gate Precast recently to view and approve the first prototype for the UH Stadium public art project by Jim Isermann.  Metalab is providing design optimization, fabrication documents and project management.  We developed custom aggregates of red glass and black obsidian for the main U and H figures in the field.  Gate tells us that this is the most complex project they have taken on other than the Perot Science Museum by Morphosis.

Cougar Walk

February 28, 2014 by metalab

We are working again with Jim Isermann and the University of Houston Campus Art and Facilities on a large outdoor public artwork on the new UH Cougar Stadium now under construction designed by Page Architects.  The pattern of interlocking U's and H's is set within 8' square pre-cast panels that will be erected as walls and ground work at the southwest corner of the facility.  The new Metro lightrail station will be online soon and the passage onto campus from that point will connect to the project.  We have been working with Gate Precast, the fabricators of the pre-cast panels on the Perot Museum by Morphosis, to develop these unique panels with recycled crushed red and black glass to evoke the school colors.  Our lighting product, Ringo, will also be included to illuminate the work. Installation will be June 2014.