Erecting Open Channel Flow

July 21, 2009 by Metalab Admin

Ten hours of crane time over two days was what it took Metalab to assemble the Open Channel Flow sculpture. Three major vertical supports were first placed that set the datum 21' above grade upon which the tripod assembly was placed with the boom crane extended. On a bucket lift we placed the fasteners with relative ease. The accuracy of this maneuver was carefully orchestrated but ultimately was possible through the digital fabrication of a jig that exactly set the bolt pattern in the concrete footings placed in the ground below prior to the delivery of the steel pipe components. View from the bucket lift... img_7813 A safe landing, skate park and Houston skyline looking on img_7822 Looking over the shower head... img_7827 Camera tilt to fit it all in... not the bucket lift img_7833 Matthew Geller, Artist img_7835 Some of the crew: MG, Joe, James the Crane and Juan in hardhat. img_7841 Shower head cantilever extension img_7849 Open Channel Flow topping out at over 50', that's AV down by the steps img_7858