HRT Jesse Lott

November 18, 2013 by metalab

We've been working on three different sculptures to be installed on the new East End and SE lines on the new Metrorail expansion.  Working for Houston Rapid Transit and Sara Kellner, Public Art Coordinator, Metalab is providing design optimization, fabrication coordination and managment of the works by created by Houston artists.  Jesse Lott is known for his work with found materials assembled into beautiful constructions.  This his largest work to date is based on a small sculpture that arrived in our office of hand bent wire with glass beads ornaments.  It was our role to scale the work up to a size that would resonate with the area's high concentration of vehicular traffic along with the presence of the light rail.  By working with Ingenium Engineers we divised a system of formed stainless steel pipe that could be engineered for structural stability that would form the "bones" on the sculpture fabricated by professional welder and the artist would provide the "skin" materials from their bricolage of found materials.  Blumenthal Sheet Metal in Houston are providing the turnkey fabrication and installation services with Metalab authoring the digital files for fabrication.  The work will be sited at Scott St. and Elgin St. near the University of Houston campus and the Third Ward community.