OFFGRID SPACE lands at UHGBC Exhibition

September 05, 2009 by Metalab Admin

Houston's first offgrid building has been completed by METALAB as a research project in the UHGBC (Green Building Components) initative.  The charge has been to team up with industrial partners to perfect the product with regards to its design and access to market.  Harvest Moon Development, ttweak renewables and METALAB have formed a joint-venture to build and distribute these as disaster relief centers, triage/medical offices, security stations, parks & recreation spaces, sales centers, educational centers and construction field offices. The SPACE's PV system with battery backup will provide the unit with power for 3-4 days in the event of successive days without sun and a small generator provides a 2nd backup.  Standard Renewable Energy, our region's largest onsite renewable energy vendor, has provided the technical specification of equipment and installation.  The project will be on view this month at the UHGBC Exhibition opening this Tuesday, Sept. 8th and continuing until Sept. 18th.  Come by and see the other exciting research projects produced by faculty and students at the University of Houston. IMG_8038 IMG_8063 IMG_8066 IMG_8027IMG_8071IMG_8059