January 24, 2015 by metalab

Ringo is a finalist in Architizer’s A+ Awards

March 12, 2014 by metalab

Ringo was selected as a 2014 finalist for the Products + Lighting category in this year's Architizer A+ Awards. Be sure to vote before March 21! 

Swamplot shows the Greater East End’s Esplanade in progress

August 21, 2013 by metalab

A sneak preview of the eclectic mix of artistic and functional elements soon to be unveiled at the Greater East End's Esplanade on Navigation. Metalab's Ringo solar lighting system and Mercado Picado shade structures adorn the landscape.  

Esplanade unveiling

August 21, 2013 by metalab

It was a working dog and pony show yesterday on the Navigation Esplanade in the Greater East End of Houston.  Installation was going on while the cameras were rolling from ABC13, The Chronicle, Swamplot and Culture Map.  Work by artists Gary Sweeney (Faux Bois anchor and benches) and Anthony Schumate (letter-form benches, bike racks and bus stops) was placed along with Mercado Picado Kiosks, Ringo LED lights and solar generators.  Thank you to the Greater East End, our enlightened clients, and The Art Guys (Lead Artist).  To be completed in October.

Philips Hadco Ringo

August 02, 2013 by metalab

We recently made the trip to Littlestown, PA (near Gettysburg) to the Philips Hadco manufacturing plant check in on the production of the Ringo light fixtures.  The housings units are being sand cast out of aluminum and assembled in the facilty with LED electrical equipment integrated before being boxed up for shipment.  The Greater East End will be receiving the exclusive feature of the overhead "string lights" suspended from two pipe outriggers above the disc housing the main luminaire (lights shown are placeholders).  These units will be fitted with 16 node LED boards based on photometric data generated for the site making them extra efficienct for the solar powered system to sustain with 3-5 days of battery backup.  The lights can be fitted with up to 80 node LED boards for more lumens in future orders.  

Solar Generator installation

July 31, 2013 by metalab

Four panel solar generators are going into the Navigation Blvd. esplanade for the Greater East End in Houston.  Solar panels will be installed next along with the Ringo fixtures in August, approximately 10 lights per generator.  The bolt covers on the generators match the color of the string of fixtures that they will power.



June 20, 2013 by metalab

We've updated the branding of our solar powered pedestrian LED lighting and system to be installed soon in the Greater East End of Houston at the Navigation Blvd. Esplanade.  Stay tuned for installation updates later this summer.  With Philips Hadco (engineering and manufacturing) and Ameresco (solar system).